This activity has been created by myself to test those studying for the CCNA exam. Due to the requests I keep getting on YouTube to keep updating the link, I have decided to put together this post. The network topology below has two errors and it is your job to identify the errors and fix the network. Once you have completed the task provide screenshots or a video showing the running configuration of your devices.

Below is the topology along with the information about the errors. The Packet Tracer file .pkt can be downloaded here: Troubleshooting File .PKT


NOTE: This activity might only be suitable for those that have covered all curriculum of the CNNA R&S.

  • Issue 1: Site 1 can not contact the servers on Site 2
  • Issue 2: Sales PC can not acquire DHCP

The video below shows the same network topology fully working.


Good luck everyone and if you would like to see more activities like this please let me know and I will try and find time to create them.